Our mission statement is very straightforward: To build innovative, healthy homes that make our Customers happy.


To achieve this goal, we’ve created a series of values that are important to our company.

INTEGRITY - simply put, LJ Construction is a custom homebuilder that is big enough to do the job, but small enough to care. We only work for a few clients at a time, resulting in higher level of client satisfaction & a better built home. 


1. Listen to our Customers. This sounds basic, but understanding what the Customer wants is the cornerstone to Customer satisfaction.


2. Provide feedback. We don’t think of ourselves as order takers who simply follow a Customer’s blueprints. Instead, we pride ourselves on being creative problem-solvers whose experience and creativity adds value for our Customers in all phases of the building process; including site layout, architectural design, material choices, energy efficiency options and even interior design elements.


3. Be thorough. Building a home is complicated. It is extremely important that we are very thorough in every phase of the building process. This is never more important than during the initial estimating and proposal phase. The more information that is gathered and the more decisions that are made prior to construction, the smoother the process. This diligence also greatly limits the number of unexpected, time consuming and costly changes during construction.


4. Understand how much things cost. We realize the importance of a budget. Therefore, we maintain an extensive database of various products and labor costs. This allows us to be very accurate when pricing your home and allows us to provide you detailed cost comparisons of the many options afforded you in the building of a custom home. Customers can make informed decisions and this enables us to provide all-inclusive project pricing with no surprise hidden costs for the Customer. We also actively compare prices between various suppliers and sub-contractors in an effort to achieve the best pricing possible.


5. Be realistic. We try to be upfront about some of the potentially frustrating aspects of building a home. Things such as construction delays, additional expenses (due to Customers adding features), and unforeseen difficulties are not unusual and we try to be upfront about what a Customer should expect.


6. Be craftsmen. We see ourselves not as contractors but as craftsmen. We think our Customers deserve an innovative and interesting home with unique details and a creative mix of textures and materials. We want LJ Construction to stand out in a crowd.


7. Don’t take shortcuts. We don’t skimp on materials or construction practices. That leaves you with an energy-conscious, sturdy and safe home.


8. Make sense. Details matter to us. We treat your home like it’s our home. Therefore, small things like the placement of light fixtures, switches, plumbing, and doors will all make sense and will create a more usable and comfortable home.


Aside from our attention to detail, dedication to customer service and the fact that our houses look great, there are many less obvious reasons to choose LJ construction to be your Pocono's mountains custom builder.